What We Do

We provide tailored messaging and design services that help our clients communicate their value and story. We personalize every project by understanding our client’s services, needs, pain points, and audience. From there, we execute on strategic deliverables and provide high-quality outcomes that set our clients up for success.


The language and visuals your company uses comprise a critical piece of the brand experience. These discernible touchpoints should clearly define your value while creating an emotional connection with your audience to build reputation and drive growth. Black Zebra strives to uncover the best solutions for our clients by crafting unique, compelling stories and tactical designs tailored to your audience.

Brand Strategy

We’ll help you uncover your brand promise, establish your mission and vision, and determine the differentiators and values attributes that define your brand story. From there, we can help refine your brand messaging and create content that ensures your communication is consistent and unique.

Visual Identity Systems

Building off of the logo design, we can help you create and thoughtfully examine the fonts, colors, iconography, photography, and unique design elements that will define your full visual identity. Over time, this visual identity will become associated with the company brand helping to reinforce the message and personality.

Logo Design

While your business is so much more than your logo, the logo provides a core visual foundation for your brand’s identity. We can help create a unique and personalized mark that is strategically designed to be memorable and communicates your brand value.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines help ensure your logo, visual identity, and messaging are used consistently across all touchpoints—something that is critical to successful branding. Your brand guide will provide directives on how to properly use your logo, fonts, colors, images, and the define messaging approaches that underpin the work of everyone promoting your brand.


Powerful design embodies both form and function. At Black Zebra, we believe design should be aesthetic and enticing as well as engaging and constructive. Ultimately, effective design will clearly communicate your brand values while supporting the user experience and driving action. We work to ensure everything we design embodies this outcome while designing everything we touch with thoughtful passion.

Identity Materials

Creating a comprehensive suite of identity materials helps reinforce your brand. From business cards, letterhead, and envelopes, to folders, brochures, and presentations, everything you use in your client interactions is part of your identity. We can extend your logo and visual identity system into a suite of foundational materials that ensures your audience receives a cohesive experience and builds successful brand recognition.

Digital Collateral

We live in a digital world and the best place to market your business is online. Building from your brand identity, we provide digital marketing collateral including such as proposals and presentations, email graphics and templates, e-books, white papers, infographics, reports, and social media graphics. These materials help mature your brand, promote new products and campaigns, nurture your customers through the user journey, and generate new leads.

Website Design & Development

A professional website is a must for any business and investing in a polished website can make all the difference for your marketing efforts. Black Zebra offers custom, responsive, WordPress websites built to support user flow and drive action. Through a personalized site mapping, wireframing, design, and development process, we build websites that are strategically designed and easy to navigate. We also provide content messaging strategy and copywriting to ensure your messaging is targeted and effective.

Print Collateral

While digital marketing is king, there are still relevant and important types of print collateral that drive business. We provide design for direct mail postcards, catalogs, brochures and reports, newsletters, sales sheets, folders, and flyers as well as signage, environmental design, and promotional materials such as pens or hats. These pieces provide valuable leave behinds that increase awareness, feel familiar, and provide information in a digestible and useful format.


Every piece of content is an opportunity to provide free and useful information to your audience, entice potential customers to purchase your services or product, and retain existing customers through quality engagement. Content helps to build trust, establish your brand, verify your expertise, and create leads. In a nutshell: the words you use matter.

Brand Messaging

Every brand needs a voice that connects with its audience. Brand messaging helps communicate a firm’s values and beliefs while bringing positioning and your offerings to life. Black Zebra can help you define your mission and vision, communicate your value proposition and positioning statement, and pinpoint the differentiators and values attributes that make your services or product truly unique. 

Web & Marketing Content

Copywriting is a powerful tool that ensures you stand out from the crowd. Since each piece of collateral you create provides a touchpoint of communications, its critical to use the right words. From your website, to digital collateral, to print collateral, we can help you craft consistent, compelling, on-brand content that is tailored to your audience.

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