What is a black zebra?

It’s the age-old identity question: is a zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes? Turns out, there is an answer.

Black Zebra is a boutique, woman-owned creative agency that operated from 2017-2022 supporting businesses with branding, design, and copywriting services.


Kamren is a creative powerhouse. With a diverse background as a writer, designer, and creative director, she excels at asking the right questions, crafting engaging stories, and delivering effective communication materials.

In 2017, she founded Black Zebra, a company dedicated to bringing brand stories to life for clients across various industries worldwide. Recently, in 2022, she embraced a new role focused on sustainability and ESG communications.

Outside of her full-time work, Kamren also manages Material Brands, a blog platform showcasing how social and environmental issues are material drivers of brand value.