What is a black zebra?

It’s the age-old identity question: is a zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes? Turns out, there is an answer.

Black Zebra is a boutique, woman-owned creative agency that can support your business with over 15 years of experience in communications, design, and brand strategy.

Our Values

We believe everyone is creative.

Because of this, we engage with our clients in creative exploration to imagine new possibilities together.

We believe our client’s opinions matter.

We know our clients understand their business best, which means we deeply value our client’s ideas and opinions.

We believe strategy is king.

We define the purpose and end-goal for all our projects from the beginning to ensure every outcome is intentional and impactful.

Meet Kamren Dearborn Kniola

Principal, Black Zebra Creative

Kamren is a creative powerhouse who brings professionalism, thoughtfulness, and follow-through to every project she touches. Since founding Black Zebra in 2017, Kamren has helped clients from a wide variety of industries worldwide bring their brand stories to life. Through her experience as a journalist, designer, and creative director she’s learned how to ask the right questions, tell an engaging story, craft visually effective communications materials, as well as guide and execute every part of the creative process.

Kamren also currently serves on the AIGA St. Louis Board of Directors and was recognized by Upwork as one of the best freelance graphic designers for hire in St. Louis, Missouri.

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