Our Brand Story

It’s the age-old identity question…

…is a zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

Turns out zebras are black with white stripes!

These beautiful animals have black skin underneath their hair and their white stripes are formed due to a selective pigmentation process. On occasion, a rare zebra is born with genetic variations that make them mostly black with only a slight white striped pattern on just part of their coats. These are called a black zebra.

While most Zebras look the same, in truth, each zebra has a unique stripe pattern—just like a fingerprint. No two are alike. And just as every zebra is unique, we believe each and every brand is distinctive and remarkable.

At Black Zebra, we have a passion for seeking out the special and central identity of every brand we work with. Our goal is to uncover what’s at the heart of every brand and share that story through a blend of strategy and creativity.